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crystal hemphill

Crystal Hemphill Cabo Beach Model

Why Mexico?

I first took
interest in Mexico while studying Pre-Columbian art in my 10th
grade art history class. I was overly fascinated with the history
behind each art piece and land mark, and I wanted to make fantasy
reality. I wanted to walk the grounds as the Mesoamericans once did and
interact with locals to learn more about their cultural history.  The
cultural wealth of Mexico is not merely limited to its ancient land
marks and art; it can be seen and felt in its streets, in its
celebrations, in its people. In short, it is in every aspect of life in
the country.

Do you have a favorite place in Mexico? If so, why is
it your favorite?

Teotihuacan was
absolutely amazing to see in the flesh. Not only does Teotihuacan boast
one of Mesoamerica’s most splendid examples of ancient architecture, but
it was also a very spiritual place to visit.

When I think of Mexico, I think of _________________.

because I feel that Mexico is vibrant, romantic, and rich in culture!

What do you think about the travel warnings in Mexico
and all of the controversy occurring with tourism?

do not feel that these warnings should discourage tourism in Mexico but
rather educate potential visitors and raise awareness when traveling
abroad. Do your research and travel in areas in which you feel
comfortable.  I have visited over 15+ cities in Mexico and
have always felt safe.

Why do you think other people should visit

Crystal Hemphill Cabo Beach Model

Whether you wish to have a
family vacation, romantic getaway, or an educational enrichment
experience, Mexico has something for everyone!

Why did you pick Animal Lovers of Mexico
Association (ALMA) as your charity of choice?

I have rescued every one of my pets, always
with numerous animal rescue organizations and strongly support spay,
and rescuing animals. When I studied in Mexico the number of stray dogs
cats in poor health there surprised me. I realized Mexico is not as well
equipped as America to support this particular cause and it was
heartbreaking. ALMA
is an exemplary rescue and has saved over 2000 lives even though they
solely on donations. Animal rescue is not as common in Mexico and the
organizations that support it need all the help they can get – monetary
volunteering time. Animals are and always have been a great source of
in my life. They bring as much joy to our lives as we bring to theirs
and every
animal deserves a chance at that.

Animal Lovers of Mexico Association

ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico Assoc.) is a
Mexican corporation with the main mission is to support the well being
domestic animals of the Los Barilles area.  Through private
(we receive no govt. funding) we are able to provide spay/neuter,
vaccines, and
veterinary services for animals of  families who qualify for our
ALMA is entirely run by volunteers and all
proceeds benefit local animals. ALMA – “Together we DO make a
difference”!  Read more about ALMA and make a donation here: http://www.almacares.com/

The All About Cabo Beach Model Contest

The beach model contest allows an avenue for professional models supporting Mexico to use their fan base combined with All About Cabo’s viewers to benefit a Mexico charity of their choice. The model will be featured with photos, a description of their career and positive thoughts regarding Mexico. Accompanying this is a summary describing the model’s choice of charity with an option to donate in support of Mexico and their favorite model.

One of these models will be selected at the end of the year as the All About Model of the Year. They will be chosen based on how much money they raise for the charity of their choice.

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