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kristen baranano summer 2011 all about cabo girl

Cabo Girl Summer 2011

Why and how did you get into modeling?

I got into modeling through acting and singing I have been acting and singing since I was a little girl and when I met met photographers at various shows and events. I started modeling to help new photographers add to their portfolio and jumpstart their career. I’ve also found it to be a great hobby and somewhere I get a real sense of accomplishment.

I’ve also found it to be a great hobby and somewhere I get a real sense of accomplishment.

Why Mexico?

I love Mexico! I’ve been traveling to Mexico since I was young and really enjoy visiting the area. The warm people, great ambiance and cultural richness is really what I like about the country. There’s such a sense of relaxation and calmness you don’t seem to find in the US.

What are your past modeling achievements and/or highlights?

Moving to Los Angeles and working with truly creative people has been the biggest highlight of modeling for me. It’s been amazing working with such talented photographers at the pinnacle of their career. Being a part of the impressive art they create really gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Do you have a favorite place in Mexico? If so, why is it your favorite?

I really like going to the beaches but also seeing the cultural sides. Finding the little mom-and-pop places and getting a sense of ‘authentic Mexico’ is really important to me. Sight-seeing is a huge priority when I travel, also.

Cabo Girl summer 2011

Why do you think other people should visit Mexico?

People should visit Mexico to get a sense of a different way of life. It’s so important to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and relax. Understanding the culture, trying new foods, seeing new places and just slowing down are all such great life experiences to have.

What type of charity are you interested in supporting?

Animal Rescue

Why did you choose this charity?

I am a huge animal lover! I rescued a 3-week old dog and took him in. Watching him grow into a great pet and friend has convinced me that every animal deserves a home.

Animal Rescue


Animal Rescue

ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico Assoc.) is a non-profit Mexican corporation with the main mission is to support the well being of domestic animals of the Los Barilles area. Through private contributions (we receive no govt. funding) we are able to provide spay/neuter, vaccines, and veterinary services for animals of families who qualify for our assistance.
ALMA is entirely run by volunteers and all proceeds benefit local animals. ALMA – “Together we DO make a difference”! Read more about ALMA and make a donation here: http://www.almacares.com/