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logan lester winter 2011 all about cabo girl

Cabo Girl Fall 2011 Sunset

How did you get into modeling?

Well to start off, I never stop smiling. I got into the modeling world through Pageants when I
was 15. For those of you who have never been in one, let me tell you, it is a whole other world.
Honestly, I entered for the experience, but little did I know I would fall in love and modeling
would become a part of me.

How did modeling change / help you?

Before pageants, I wore my hair naturally every day and hardly wore makeup. After
experiencing the glamorous pageant industry, I learned how to pull myself together every day.
From that point on, modeling and being in front of the camera became comfortable and one of
my greatest passions. I can’t wait to see where this modeling journey will take me.

What are your past modeling achievement’s / highlights?

I am not the most experienced model, but I hope that with hard work and a smile I can make
a career out of this journey. So far, I would have to say the highlight of my modeling career
was being asked to join a modeling agency out of Los Angeles. However, preparing for Miss
Texas Teen USA along with my schoolwork took up so much of my time, I had to turn down
L.A. for now. In the future, I look forward to pursuing more agency work and other modeling

Cabo Girl Fall 2011 Closeup

Do you have a favorite place in Mexico and why?

Yes, this past summer I visited Cancun with my family and it quickly became my absolute
favorite place to kick back in the sand and embrace “Island” time. I fell in love with the ocean
and its three shades of blue. Heaven on earth is how I describe the waters of the Caribbean
in Cancun. It is definitely my home away from home with incredible food, amazing resorts and
impeccable generosity from all the locals. Cancun has something for everyone.

Why do you think other people should visit Mexico?

I believe Mexico is the perfect getaway experience that everyone deserves. If you like to layout
in the sun all day, get a beautiful sun kissed tan, and sip on your favorite tropical drink, then
Mexico can without a doubt strip away your worries and show you a good time. Not only is
Mexico a relaxing place, it also has many exciting family oriented activities like scuba diving, jet
skiing, zip lining and plenty of sandy beach to go around. Some of my favorite memories are
from my visit to this beautiful country.

What type of charity are you interested in supporting and why?

As an animal lover, I always appreciate charities that are focused on the welfare and well-being
of animals. This is why I support Animal Lovers of Mexico Association or ALMA. This wonderful
non-profit organization’s main mission is to support and promote the well-being of domesticated
animals. ALMA services are provided in several ways including volunteer assistance in clinics,
aiding foster care and adoption programs, providing educational programs and facilitating
fundraisers. Learn more at www.almacares.com

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue

ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico Assoc.) is a non-profit Mexican corporation with the main mission is to support the well being of domestic animals of the Los Barilles area. Through private contributions (we receive no govt. funding) we are able to provide spay/neuter, vaccines, and veterinary services for animals of families who qualify for our assistance.
ALMA is entirely run by volunteers and all proceeds benefit local animals. ALMA – “Together we DO make a difference”! Read more about ALMA and make a donation here: http://www.almacares.com/