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Cabo Girl Winter 2010

Why Modeling?

I grew up without a lot of self-confidence. When I was in first grade I had four of my front teeth pulled and grew up being constantly bullied for my appearance because my teeth didn’t grow in for another four years. When I turned 14 I had enough of it and decided to break out of my shell and try something new to build my self-confidence.

 Why Mexico?

The summer before I went to college my high school friends and I visited Mexico. This was one of my best and last memories with them. It was a recollection of our childhood memories and dreaming of our future all while soaking in the sun and enjoying the Mexican culture. I had one of my best vacations their with my two best friends and I would give anything to go back with them and catch up on our lives together.

 Experience modeling?

The highlight of my modeling career was when I went to the Modeling Association of America International in New York City at the age of 14. This was the city of my dreams and I never would have believed I could achieve 1st runner-up in Commercial Acting among 300 other competitors.

Do you have a favorite place in Mexico? If so, why is it your favorite?

Yes, Playa Del Carmen. It is the only place I have visited in Mexico, but I don’t think another location could beat it. From the beautiful, crystal clear waters to the wonderful hospitality I cannot think of another place I would want to spend a week.

Cabo Girl

When I think of Mexico, I think of…


Why do you think other people should visit Mexico?

The incredible hospitality, beautiful water and the opportunity to escape from a hectic life all make it a place where you can let go. It’s filled with breathtaking views, fabulous cuisine and endless shopping..

What type of charity are you interested in supporting?

Animal Lovers of Mexico Association (ALMA)

Why did you choose this charity?

Animal Rescue is something that is very dear to my heart. I have five dogs and a cat and they are like my children. I’ve grown up around animals all of my life and I believe every animal deserves a home. If I had the opportunity to open my home up to more animals I would because I enjoy surrounding myself with them.


Animal Lovers of Mexico Association

ALMA (Animal Lovers of Mexico Assoc.) is a non-profit Mexican corporation with the main mission is to support the well being of domestic animals of the Los Barilles area.  Through private contributions (we receive no govt. funding) we are able to provide spay/neuter, vaccines, and veterinary services for animals of  families who qualify for our assistance.

ALMA is entirely run by volunteers and all proceeds benefit local animals. ALMA – “Together we DO make a difference”!  Read more about ALMA and make a donation here: http://www.almacares.com/