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shannon mcanally spring 2011 all about cabo girl

Cabo Girl Spring 2011

Why Modeling?

My gateway was pageantry, which I started when I was 14. At first I entered because of my parents encouragement but I loved it after that. It opened so many doors, introduced me to so many incredible people and opportunities – like modeling! It’s definitely not a career choice for me but a hobby I really enjoy. It’s a lot of fun and gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

 Why Mexico?

Mexico is just so full of culture and amazing people. One of the main reasons I have such a good time (besides the gorgeous beaches) is because of how hospitable everyone is. Their traditions are so beautiful and being there is really like visiting another world.

What are your past modeling achievements and/or highlights?

I won the Miss Orlando title as well as America’s Perfect Miss, which resulted in nation wide travel and a lot of fun. I have also modeled for Mike Benet, Team Jeans, Mon Cheri & Lenz Boutique to name a few.

Do you have a favorite place in Mexico? If so, why is it your favorite?

Definitely Cancun. When I was young we would go with my best friend’s family every year so it’s very familiar and nostalgic to me. It was my first time parasailing and the beaches were so gorgeous. Some of my best childhood memories are there.

Cabo Girl Spring 2011

When I think of Mexico, I think of…


Why do you think other people should visit Mexico?

It’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. I have a house in Florida and there’s a beach, but Mexico beaches are completely different. Mexico is full of culture, tradition and a life so different from the US that everyone should experience.

What type of charity are you interested in supporting?

Autismo Mexico

Why did you choose this charity?

I’ve never worked with an autistic organization before but I’m involved with Big Brother and Big Sister and love helping children in need. Anything you can do to help kids and the quality of someone’s life is a great feeling and a cause I’m happy to support.

Austismo Mexico


Autismo Mexico

Autismo Mexico is a national organization aiding autistic children in Mexico. They work with numerous regional and local organizations to raise funds and provide assistance to autistic children and families with autistic children countrywide. Their site provides relevant contacts, a supportive community and forums to provide information to those interested or in need. www.autismomexico.com