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hurricane history

Hurricane “ILEANA” Information
8/23/2006 – 9:00 AM

Hurricane Ileana is well to the south of us and has already moved to the west of Cabo.  If the track of this storm does not change drastically we should be clear of any damaging effects from this storm.  We may receive some rain and wind from the outer bands. We will, most likely, receive some high surf from Ileana. It is cloudy this morning with just a little wind.

This storm should not put a damper on your vacation or travel plans if you have a Cabo trip planned. We will keep this site updated on a regular basis as long as hurricane Ileana is in the vicinity.  Next update is planned for later this afternoon. Check back often for current conditions. Check below for previous storm coverage by AllAboutCabo.com.

8/23/2006 – 7:30 PM
Hurricane “ILEANA” Information

Hurricane Ileana is a category 3 hurricane and is now well to the west of Cabo. It is still cloudy, it tried to rain a couple of times this afternoon, and the waves are getting much bigger. We haven’t seen any heavy winds and the sun did pop out for a little while this evening.  Hopefully we will get some much needed rain tonight. The waves will probably get to maximum size tomorrow morning and that will be it, as long as the storm keeps tracking as it is now. We will be keeping you informed as to the status of the weather in Cabo as long as there is even the slightest threat to our area.

Thursday 8/24/2006 – 7:30 AM
Hurricane “ILEANA” Information

The storm has passed and we are left little to no rain.  There is still hope as some of the outer bands are still passing over.  It has been very cloudy, but there are now patches of blue in the sky.  The surf is bigger than normal, but the expected big waves never really materialized.  This will be the last update unless something unexpected happens.

Los Cabos after Hurricane Marty

The eye of Hurricane Marty passed directly over Cabo San Lucas in the early morning hours of Monday, Sept. 22.

Let me apologize for not keeping you updated about Hurricane Marty.  I was not here to experience Marty, and therefore not able to keep the updates current.  The beach cameras and weather station were also messed up due to the electricity being off (the weather station actually went out because of one of my cats.  She likes to hide up on a shelf behind the weather station when she is scared and she unhooked a cable. We just returned yesterday and things seem like they are pretty much back to normal, at least on the surface.

The damage in Cabo  is minor, a few signs blown down, a few windows broken and some minor road damage.  The new bridges held up very well.    San Jose del Cabo seems to have gotten the worst of it again.  There is no major visible damage, except to the estuary, but more signs are down and it seems like they got more rain than in Cabo. The incredible estuary in San Jose del Cabo has been devastated and is not recognizable.  It has been filled with sand that washed down from the mountains.  This has happened before and somehow they manage to return it to it’s original state.  The beautiful canopy that covered Cacti Mundo was completely blown away.  The golf courses are all open, a few suffered minor damage and were closed for a few days.

Most of the dirt and mud has been

Most of the dirt and mud have been removed by our ultra modern street cleaning equipment (see photo above).  The electricity was off for more than a week in some areas.  Water distribution was also disrupted and some neighborhoods are still receiving rationed water supplies. The roads are open all over Los Cabos, with some minor damage to the main road between Cabo and San Jose..  The road to La Playita, repaved after Hurricane Ignacio, is flooded again and I am sure that all of the pavement has been washed away.   Some of the dirt streets in both towns are still in need of grading, but they always are. All in all things have pretty much returned to normal here. Up on the East Cape things are pretty much the same.  They received an awful lot of rain along with hurricane force winds and they were isolated until Sunday when the road was again opened to traffic.  La Ribera is reporting that they lost some trees, some signs and a few boats, but suffered no real major damage.   There is still a lot of water running out of the mountains, and across the highway, at Las Cuevas.

No new information, everything is pretty
back to normal.

Hurricane Ignacio –

The latest updates appear
at the bottom of
this page.

Tropical Storm Ignacio was
upgraded to hurricane status
early Saturday morning.
Downgraded to Tropical Storm early today!

Check out our latest update
for road

8/24 –
6:35 AM

Rain fell here off and on yesterday, but not that much, three quarters of an inch.  Last night it rained most of the night but we received only about an inch, not what you would expect with a hurricane less than 70 miles away.  I expected more but this is really a slow moving storm.  The surf started to pick up yesterday but is rather calm this morning, the port is closed today, as it was yesterday.  We have had very little wind, maximum gusts yesterday were in the 15 – 20 mph range.

We will be trying to keep you updated during the day, and later we will attempt to publish some pictures from around the area.  I will also attempt to get the beach cam working, we have been experiencing electrical problems at that location for a couple of weeks.

You can check the latest update to our weather station using the link below, as long as the electricity and phone lines hold up.

Sunday 8/24 – 8

According to the latest reports the eye is already north and east of us, heading up the Sea of Cortez.  That is good news for us, but it is still too early to really know what type of weather the storm will bring. This could be bad news for the East Cape Region and maybe even La Paz. I am going to drive east in a few minutes and will be back (hopefully) in a few hours with an update and pictures. It is not raining in Cabo San Lucas at the present time, although it is very cloudy, and the wind is very mild at 4-6 miles per hour.

Sunday 8/24 – 11

According to the latest reports the eye is 45 miles east of San Jose del Cabo.

The weather in Cabo is still very calm, almost no wind, no rain and the surf is calm.  I just left San Jose del Cabo and it was raining (not heavy) with moderate wind.  San Jose seemed to have gotten more rain than Cabo and, it looked like, quite a bit more wind.  Nothing serious, but a few small trees down and there were a lot more puddles.  The road to La Playita is flooded, passable in a 4×4, as of 11:00 AM (I made it) but it was getting deeper.   It was probably not passable in a regular car.  The East Cape or La Paz may end up getting the brunt of this storm.

Sunday 8/24 – 2

It is starting to get somewhat windy in Cabo, we just had a 25 MPH gust.  It is still very cloudy but we have no had any rain to speak of.  Luckily this has been a very compact hurricane and we are relieved that more rain has not fallen.  I still expect more rain this afternoon or tonight as we get the tail end of the Ignacio’s circulation. If you have property in Cabo, it is probably OK, as there has been minimal damage.  Cabo veterans note this – the main intersection did not even fill with mud.  Actually, we really needed some rain and the clouds and wind are keeping it a little cooler than normal, although it is very humid.  I will report again later this evening.

Sunday 8/24 – 5

Now it’s windy – 20 MPH to 35 MPH and we are getting intermittent (but usually short) heavy rain showers.  Still nothing serious.  This is more like a storm, but it will not last too long as what we are experiencing now is the bottom edge of the circulation and this should be over within a few hours.

Sunday 8/24 – 9

Still windy in Cabo – Gusts to
35 MPH –
but hardly any rain.
If anything changes (gets severe) I will have more updates.  If not,
this is it for tonight.

Monday 8/25 5:50 AM

It’s been pretty windy (25 MPH with gusts to 40 MPH) all night in Cabo.  We just go some pretty heavy rain, but it lasted only a few minutes.  This system is now up in the Sea of Cortez, getting close to La Paz.  It is moving very slow, about 2 MPH to the North, therefore we are still feeling the effects.  So far nothing even close to serious in Cabo.

Monday 8/25 9:00 AM

Still windy, but much less so. It has started raining again, but not too hard.  We have had 1/10 of an inch since midnight. The port is open again as of 9:00 AM, so the fishermen should be happy.  The seas are actually pretty calm although it could be a wet one here all day.  I just got word that the electricity has been out all night in Todos Santos and it is raining heavily there. The hurricane is now 20 miles to the north and east of La Paz.  This is a very slow moving storm and will, most likely, have more effect on the La Paz area than it has here.

Monday 8/25 10:55

Not much change in Cabo, but we just got word that the Los Cabos airport is open for flights.  It looks like we’re in for more rain and possibly more gusts of wind.  We just talked to the airport in La Paz, which is closed and without electricity, at the moment.  The said that they are experiencing quite a bit of wind but not a lot of rain, mostly coming in short squalls.  I will post some new pictures later today and add an update also.

Monday 8/25 4:55 PM

Our conditions remain pretty much the same, no additional rain as of yet but it looks like we have some coming. The storm has now moved to the west and is now almost directly over La Paz, and weakening.  We just got off the phone with La Paz and they said the wind is moderate, they have had some rain, but not that much.  More rain last night than today.  The port is closed in La Paz. It seems the reports on TV have been exaggerated a bit.  It looks like we are getting ready for a squall so Hasta La Vista, for now.  I will add, at least one more update, maybe more depending on conditions.  Squall just beginning…stay tuned!

Monday 8/25 6:50 PM

Well that squall lasted about a half an hour and brought us almost a 1/2 inch of rain.  We had some wind gusts to 35 MPH and that was that.  I expect much of the same, off and on, all night.  I just got off the phone with a friend in La Paz, he
reports winds gusting to 40 MPH and intermittent rain, nothing real serious. He stated that it looked really bad, like it should be pouring with lots of lightning, but also that it has looked like that for two days and never really gotten to what you would expect from a hurricane.  Same here in Cabo.  Fishing was good today in Cabo, Pisces Fleet was the only fleet that sent their boats out but they did very well.  I will do one more report later tonight and another early tomorrow.  Hopefully that will finish up the reports on this storm and we can get back to more serious business…our siestas.  Stay tuned.

 Monday 8/25
10:00 PM

Not much to report about here in Cabo, but things up the peninsula are changing.  There are reports that the highways to La Paz, on both sides of the peninsula, are impassable. I guess that most of the rain has been in the mountains and the arroyos are running strong enough to close the roads.  The wind here is finally dying down and we have had no additional rain.  It is still cloudy but the occasional star is starting to show through the clouds.  I will have at least one more update in the morning, and if I can get information on what has happened in La Paz, it will be included. 

Tuesday 8/26 8:30

Ignacio is
downgraded to
Tropical Storm – Now bothering the areas north of La Paz.

Everything here in Cabo is pretty much back to normal.  We have some cloudy skies but with a lot of blue showing through. It looks like it will be clearing up later this morning.  We have had no more rain since the last squall yesterday.  In La Paz  the airport is open but the port will remain closed today.  It is fairly windy in La Paz and they had some rain early this morning but nothing serious.  La Paz seems to have escaped any major damage also.  Both roads between Cabo and La Paz are still not passable, according to the Federal Highway Police, no bridges are out but the arroyos are running with very strong currents in several places on each sides of the peninsula.  They are expected to reopen later today.  

Further to the north, the road to the Ensenada and Tijuana is passable to Constitución (a lot of water, but passable), but closed between Constitución and Loreto.  You can call the Federal Highway Police, in La Paz, if you are planning to drive down the peninsula (612) 125-3684 for up-to-date road conditions (Spanish speakers only).

Tuesday 8/26 1:15

We now have a little better insight as to some of the damage caused by this storm.  Locally we had very little cosmetic damage. The water system is being strained because roughly half of our wells are without electricity.   Only one of our thirteen wells will need extensive repairs.  All of the smaller wells in Cabo San Lucas are OK, as far as I can determine. The main pipes that carry water to Cabo broke in a couple of places, but that should be repaired quickly. The beach is just fine, we did not lose any beach to the waves.  All in all, Cabo suffered very minimal damage, nothing at all in the way of cosmetic damage.  If you are traveling to Cabo by air, everything is in place for you to enjoy your vacation.  If you are planning to drive, that is another story.  It seems that there are more damaged sections of the road (on both sides of the peninsula) than were originally reported.  It may be a couple of days before it is passable from Los Cabos to La Paz.

Many of the small towns and villages in the mountains between Los Barriles and La Paz are isolated because of the arroyos and the road and many are without electricity or telephone service. We are still trying to get in touch with someone at The East Cape, they very well could have suffered the most dramatic effects of the storm. The telephones lines are either very crowed or not working.  Hopefully we will have an update on the East Cape region later today.

La Paz lost some trees, some awnings and is having some water problems.  Electrical problems have been a concern in La Paz, also.  More on La Paz, the East Cape region and an updated road condition report, later this afternoon.

Tuesday 8/26 4:00
Ignacio is downgraded to
Tropical Depression status – Now bothering the areas near Loreto.

We talked to several businesses in La Ribera up on the East Cape and everything there has pretty much returned to normal, except for the roads.  Earlier they were taking the departing hotel guests to the Los Cabos International airport by big trucks, the only vehicles that could get them out.  The road between San Jose del Cabo and La Ribera has since been opened to regular traffic.  They received a lot of rain and experienced a lot of heavy winds but there was very little actual damage.  I am sure some homes and businesses were flooded, but that is normal around here for hurricanes.  They are fishing today, as normal, on calm seas, under sunny skies.  The big arroyos just past La Ribera are still raging so no traffic is getting through to La Paz on that side.  Some areas, up into the mountains past La Ribera received huge amounts of rain, and the arroyos may be running for a few days.

Highway 19, up the Pacific side from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz is now open to all traffic.  Past La Paz, the road north is where the heavy rain is now, and that part of the road is still closed.

Tuesday 8/26 8:00

The road conditions remain the same as in our last report.  We had a beautiful sunset this evening in Cabo.
Thank all of you for joining us and we hope you will come back to this site often.  This is our last report but we will leave the page up for a couple of days.  Because of the great response we have had to this coverage we will try to do this whenever the conditions call for it.
With any luck that won’t be very often.  Hasta Luego!