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Sailing in Cabo

Sailing in Cabo can be a lot of fun whether you are experienced at sailing or not.

Enjoy a sunset cruise on a sailboat or enjoy learning how to sail with sailing lessons.

You can even rent a sailboat for a few hours.

Have your own sailboat? Many people sail to Cabo and there are some fabulous marinas where you can dock your boat for your stay in Cabo.

Renting a Sailboat in Cabo San Lucas: Sailboat Charters

Many companies have boats you can rent for a few hours or for the whole the day. A sailboat charter in Cabo will cost you $400-600 for 3-4 hours.

You can even do over night charters. An overnight charter of a sailboat costs around $1,500 USD.

Cabo Sailing Cruises and Tours

Sailing Cruises are very popular in Cabo. You can pretty might find every type of tour on a sailboat. Snorkeling, sunset cruises, sight seeing cruises and whale watching tours are popular on sailboats.

Most sailing cruises in Cabo include food and drinks.

Learn to Sail in Cabo

You can learn to sail in Cabo. Soon you’ll be able to take the helm and hoist the sails yourself! A basic 2-hour lesson costs around $150 – $200.

Cabo Sailing, Cabo Sails and Cabo Sports offer sailing lessons.

America’s Cup Yacht Racing

This activity gives you the chance to experience sailing on an America’s Cup yacht. The boats are real Teams New Zealand’ NZL81/NZL82 and Australia’ AUS29/AUS31 racing yachts.

Don’t worry about your sailing expertise because your sailing tasks will be carefully matched to the level of workout that suits you best. No experience is required.

Sailing to Cabo San Lucas

The distance from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego is about 750 nautical miles and takes approximately 3 days. If you are sailing to Cabo, make sure your boat is of high quality and that your boat was designed and been maintained for open-ocean sailing.

While many people have sailed solo to Cabo, it’s probably a good idea to bring someone along with you.

Ports on the way to Cabo

  • Marina Puerto Salina
  • Ensenada
  • Turtle Bay
  • Santa Maria
  • Cabo

What You’ll Need

  • Insurance for your boat.
  • Mexican liability insurance is a must. You can purchase it in Mexico or ahead of time at a broker that specializes in insurance.
  • Your passport and other indentifcation
  • Mexican Tourist Card and visa
  • Crew List
  • A fishing license if you plan on fishing or bringing fishing equipment
  • Title/Registration information or Lease agreement for your boat
  • Notorized permission letter for minors not accompanied by both their parents.
  • Mexican temporary import permit

 Once You Arrive in Cabo

There are two marinas for you to dock at – the Cabo San Lucas Marina or the Puerto Los Cabos marina. Cabo Sailing Events

The Baja-Haha is an annual two-week sailing rally from San Diego to Cabo. The event takes place in late October/early November and the entrance fee is $350.

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club has the Cabo Race – a sailing race from Newport Harbor to Cabo San Lucas. The event takes place in March.

Companies Specializing in Sailing