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cabo pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is a small village to the east of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Made up mostly of ex-pats and a few local Mexican families, Cabo Pulmo has a fishing villiage turned ex-pat community feel.

Cabo Pulmo’s small size, close-knit community and easy beach access makes it a great side trip from Los Cabos.

The weather in Cabo Pulmo is fairly similar to Los Cabos – hot and dry.

Getting to Cabo Pulmo from Los Cabos

Cabo Pulmo is about an hour and a half drive east of San Jose del Cabo. While some companies offer tours to Cabo Pulmo, it is best to rent a car and drive.

From San Jose del Cabo (East of Cabo San Lucas) travel North on Highway 1 past the Santiago turnoff.  When you approach the small village of Las Cuevas,  look for a right turn to La Ribera. Follow the road to La Ribera and turn right just prior to entering La Ribera. Here you will see the Cabo Pulmo turnoff. Stay on the Cabo Pulmo road headed south until the pavement ends. Continue another 6 miles on the dirt road until you reach the village of Cabo Pulmo.

What To Do in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a protected park a few meters north of the town of Cabo Pulmo. Cabo Pulmo offers the only living reef in the northernmost eastern Pacific region. With its 20,000 year old reef full of schools of fish, Cabo Pulmo makes for excellent snorkeling and diving.

There are also many other species such as sea lions, dolphins and whales that can be seen in the park.

Snorkeling and Diving in Cabo Pulmo

Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo is very popular. In fact, many people fly into Los Cabos or La Paz and spend their entire trip in Cabo Pulmo, diving every day!

Here are some companies that offer Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo:

  • Cabo Pulmo Dive Center
  • Cabo Pulmo Divers
  • Cabo Pulmo Eco Adventures

Cabo Pulmo Restaurants

Alicia’s, El Caballero, La Palapa, Nancy’s Restaurant and Coral Reef are local restaurants in the area.

Cabo Pulmo Beaches

  • La Sirenita (The Mermaid) / Los Chopits (The Squids) / Dinosaur Beach
  • Playa Los Arbolitos

Where to Stay in Cabo Pulmo

If you are looking to extend your day trip to Cabo Pulmo and spend the night, there are plenty of places to stay. Most of the places are smaller vacation rentals and there are many small bunaglows or beach cottages for rent in Cabo Pulmo.

Contact a vacation rental company or an East Cape real estate company for their listings.

Hotels and Vaction Rentals in Cabo Pulmo

  • Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort
  • Cabo Pulmo Casas

Camping in Cabo Pulmo

If you really want to experience the nature in Cabo Pulmo, there are plenty of places to camp along the beach. Free camping at the south end of Bahia Pulmo and $5 for the northern end.