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Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is a unique experience for everyone.

The Sea of Cortez, also known as the “Aquarium of the World,” is full of large schools of fish as well as other marine life and each time you snorkel in Cabo you will have a different adventure.


The most popular way to go snorkeling in Los Cabos is by purchasing a snorkeling tour.  A lot of tour companies offer Cabo snorkeling packages. Most two-hour tours, including equipment, will cost around $40-$60 dollars.

However, you can also charter your own boat or snorkel with your own gear.

There are many snorkeling spots in the immediate Los Cabos area, but also many with in an hour or two drive. For a complete list, please visit our snorkeling Spots in Los Cabos page.


Take a private snorkeling cruise with Cabo Sailing and pick your snorkeling spot. Snorkel at the Pelican’s rock or the beautiful Santa Maria Bay. Duration, snorkeling site, and departure time are flexible to fit your wishes.

Cabo Sailing provides top quality snorkeling gear, flotation devices and snorkeling instruction as needed. Wet suits are also available. Private tour also includes open bar and lunch.

Cabo Snorkeling Tour Companies

Take about a scenic boat ride to Santa Maria Bay or Chileno Bay where you may see sea turtles or manta rays, along with hundreds of tropical fish. Tours include all the snorkeling equipment you’ll need, a certified guide, soft drinks and bottled water.
Explore the underwater world on a tour that fits all ages and groups. With maximum capacity of 12 guests, you are sure to have a comfortable and memorable adventure with Cabo Sailing.  Cabo Sailing provides snorkeling gear, flotations, wet suits and snorkeling instruction as needed.
Sail on the Pez Gato to beautiful Santa Maria Bay, where you can snorkel with tropical fish or lounge in the warmth of Cabo. Tour includes snorkel equipment, lunch and beverages.
Dive off this pristine, fully equipped 37 foot power catamaran, the Rissalena. First time snorkelers? Not to worry! The captain and his crew will instruct and guide you into your new world..

Snorkeling on Your Own in Cabo

Ask your hotel if they rent out snorkeling equipment. Most hotels in Cabo rent gear for around $10-$15 dollars.

Also, a lot of all inclusives resorts will let guests use their equipment for free if you are snorkeling on site. If you are snorkeling in Cabo on your own, stay towards the marina side of Cabo. The Pacific side of Cabo has strong currents and undertow.

What to See When Snorkeling in Cabo

The ocean in Cabo San Lucas is teeming with colorful tropical fish and other marine life that will delight an avid snorkeler. The abundant marine life includes eagle rays, manta rays, octopus, and eels. Tropical fish include puffers, balloon fish, Mexican hogfish, goatfish, surgeon fish, parrotfish and spotted porcupine.


Cabo Snorkeling Tips

  1. Choose a reputable charter or tour company that have bi-lingual guides and be aware of what is included in your package. Check for cancellation charges before you sign anything.
  2. Bring lots of sunscreen, a towel, food and drink especially if you snorkel on your own.
  3. Hydrate at all times and be especially aware of kids traveling with you.
  4. Leave all valuables at your hotel or in a safe place. Carry only enough cash for your day trip.
  5. Bring a water proof camera if you want to take souvenir photos of you and your group.
  6. Do not take any shell or souvenir from the sea. It may not be allowed.

Cabo Snorkeling Safety

  • Do not snorkel on your own. If this is not possible, make sure you let someone know of your whereabouts in case of an emergency.
  • Stay close to shore. Do not be tempted to snorkel further than what you think is safe. Currents are strong and you will need energy to swim back to safety.
  • Do not touch the marine life. Keep a safe distance from them and don’t do any sudden movements that may startle them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: where the rocks are or how strong the surf is.
  • Be aware of the seabed. You don’t want to touch any coral or fish that may have a harmful effect on you.
  • Learn basic first aid for you and your family’s protection.
  • Always check weather conditions before heading off on your trip. Heed all beach warnings.

Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is an activity that can be experienced all year. Enjoy the natural beauty of this wonderful tropical paradise in land and underwater and leave the place as clean and beautiful as when you first arrived.