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an australians guide to cabo clubs

If you’re an Australian traveling to Cabo, chances are you’ve decided to give the Mexican resort town a try because you’ve heard oodles about its nightlife and spectacular party scene.

Indeed, Cabo is a well-beloved destination for partygoers from across the globe, and you’ll meet many fellow Australians who have tested it and returned satisfied. The club, bar and pub scene is diverse enough to cater to all tastes.

Depending on the season when you choose to travel to Cabo, you’ll find the scene jam-packed with merriment and partiers (especially during the high season of the spring break), or at least populous enough to make for a pleasant stay.

Cabo is never empty, so if partying is what you aim for, book your fare and accommodation, plan your packing, take out travel insurance for Mexico, then read on below, to learn about some of the best party spots in all of Cabo.

Partying at Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is a popular Cabo party spot during the day.

How does partying on the beach sound to you?

If it strikes you as just the thing you want to do on your leisurely escape from Oz into Mexico, then Nikki Beach is the place where you want to be.

It is located on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula and qualifies as definitely more than just a beach. It hosts a popular hotel, by the name of ME Cabo, as well as the famous Passion Lounge and Nightclub. You can pretty much be sure that there’s a hot party going on there every night.

There are cool pool parties every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 12 am and going on until sunset, and you can also choose to schedule a romantic dinner on the deck area at Nikki’s. If hardcore partying is what you need, then be there at sunset, when the DJ takes up their place behind the turntables and the actual partying begins.

The backdrop of Medano Beach will definitely frame some of your best party memories to date.

Night time Fun at El Squid Roe

Squid Roe

With an inspired name for a Mexican club, El Squid Roe has managed to keep up its reputation as the place to be in Cabo, if you’re looking for a fun night. What to expect?

Three entire levels packed with music and dancing, patrons dancing on tables seemingly without so much as a care in the world, bleachers around the dance floors for the best view on the crowd and (best of all!) waiters that circulate the rooms with tequila spray tanks on their backs.

Prices are absolutely reasonable (to get a basic idea, the complete New Year’s Eve menu was priced around 60 Australian Dollars) and the atmosphere is red hot, all year round. Special events held here include sporting matches to be watched live on big screens, as well as themed parties.

Party Downtown at The Giggling Marlin

Giggling Marlin is one of Cabo's more popular night spots.

This bar-and-club opens at 7 pm every night, Monday through Sunday, which is probably why it has managed to maintain its status as the oldest still up-and-running party venue in Cabo. Don’t let the word ‘old’ worry you, the atmosphere is still lively enough for you to have plenty of fun here.

They operate according to the humorous, yet partly truthful motto of “If our Food, Drinks or Service aren’t up to your standards, please lower your standards.”

Located right in downtown Cabo San Lucas, on the Marina Boulevard, it would be hard for any tourist to miss it. While it may strike some Australian travelers as a tad too tourist-y, The Giggling Marlin surely has its appeal, especially due to its famous ‘hangings’.

Essentially, you may just find yourself hanging upside down after a few drinks here with all your friends rushing to take pictures of the event.

What is your favorite party spot in Cabo and why?

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