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bisbees black and blue day 1 update

Day One of the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament has come to a close. Over all 35 billfish were caught by 103 teams. Although the amount of blue marlin (13) have outweigh the number of black marlin (8), it has been the blacks that have been bringing in the big bucks. 

Fishing began at 8 am this morning and lines were pulled out at 5pm. There are two more days of the tournament – known as the richest fishing tournament in the world. 

Note: Please click on the videos at your digression. They do show graphic images. 

The Big Fish:

 The top catch is from the famous Reelaxe with Captain Chris Badsey at 599 pounds caught by Jose Almanza Espinoza.

Second was a 560-pound black marlin reeled in by John Stonecipher of the Rehab – a 35-footer captained by Michael James Hennessy. Port of Origin is Cabo San Lucas.

Weighing in at third, Michael “Buzz” Colton of the C-Bandit caught at 549-pound black marlin. The C-Bandit is a 75-ft Titan captained by Pete Groesbeck. Port of origin in San Diego. 

Fourth is the 431-pound black caught by Ron Pasco of the KW’s Karma, a 43-ft CABO captained by Juan Abaroa. Origin is Cabo San Lucas. 


More Information on the Bisbee:

Also, make sure to check out the live cam for the Bisbee. It’s a lot of fun and has sound. You can also follow the twitter hashtag #bisbee

The chance for the million dollar fish is still on. Are you competing in the Bisbee? Let us know! 

By: Cara Gourley

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