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cabo fish parade a photo essay

Watermelon Fish - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

The Fish Parade, located at the Shoppes at Palmilla, proves that art, charity and good will are hot this season in Cabo. 

The Fish Parade, which began in November, is an outdoor display of 12 giant fiberglass fish sculptures. 

The Shoppes at Palmilla stores each sponsored a fish which was designed by a local artist.

Visitors can head over to the Shoppes at Palmilla to stroll through the stores and check out these gorgeous pieces of art. 

The Fish Parade is concluding on April 23rd with a Silent Auction Event. The auction, which will last from 4pm to 6pm, will include food, cocktails, live music and more. 

Fish Parade Los Cabos Silent Auction Event Flyer

Want to take a sculpture home? The sculptures will be auctioned at the event with the proceeds going to charity. You can check out current bids on the Fish Parade Los Cabos Facebook Page

The charities supported by the event are: 

  • Liga MAC: Offers “a helping hand” to the low income families and elderly of San Jose del Cabo to ensure that they are well-nourished and have access to medical care and to provide children and adults with the opportunity to continue their education
  • Los Cabos Humane Society: Provides animal control for Los Cabos including animal rescue, pet adoptions and population control services. 
  • Red Autismo: Helps provide therapies for those with the Sutism Spectrum Disorder and Development Disorders. 

I’m quite partial to the Watermelon, Red Fish and the Fish Eye View. Which one is your favorite?

Scroll down to check out all the sculptures in the Fish Parade and leave your answer in the comments.



Nick San - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Nick San!

  • Artist:  Michelle Alighieri
  • Description: Black fish with silver fish skeleton
  • Store Sponsor:  Nick San


Casa Viega - Cabo Fish Parade 2011


  • Artist:  Leticia Lebrija
  • Description: Abstract Fish with Red Outline
  • Store Sponsor:  Casa Vieja


BBVA Bancomer - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Pezsito Mexicano 

  • Artist: R. Fernando Nafarrate Leyva
  • Description: Blue and gold fish with pesos for eyes and little pigs in the backgroungd
  • Store Sponsor: Bancomer BBVA


La Ceiba Furniture - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Tona1, Pez-Tierra

  • Artist:  Pedro J. Gutiérrez Lizárraga.
  • Description: Fish with swirling tree branches and clouds 
  • Store Sponsor:  La Ceiba Fine Furniture


Pure Spa and Pilates Studio - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Mama Ponyo

  • Artist Joaquin Pineda Moncada
  • Description: Blue and green fish with fish in mouth 
  • Store Sponsor:  Pure Spa & Pilates


Peptia Haut Couture - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Angelus a mare ad caelum

  • Artist:  Lucia Apodaca

  • Description: Fish with writing and woman/angel figure 
Store Sponsor:  Pepita Designer Fashions


Sol Dorado Gallery - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

El Nahual


SAX Jewelry - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Big Fish

  • Artist:  Victor Hugo
  • Description: Silver and golf fish
  • Store Sponsor:  SAX Jewels


Antigua de Mexico - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Fish Eye View

  • Artist:  Jim Williams
  • Description: Fish with children on rocks and umbrella
  • Store Sponsor:  Antigua de Mexico


Snell Real Estate - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

El Blu

  • Artist: Hugo Ortega
  • Description: Abstract blue fish 
  • Store Sponsor: Snell Real Estate


Manuel's Creative Cuisine - Cabo Fish Parade 2011

Anzuelo Para Pez Escarlata

Don’t forget to share your favorite fish!

Photos: The Shoppes at Palmilla

The Fish Parade was organized by the Pez Gordo Gallery and the Shoppes at Palmilla.

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