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Wireless Internet in Cabo San Lucas

Fifteen years ago if your family were about to vacation in Cabo, they would completely be M.I.A. By the time you finally got connected with the hotel or villa they were staying at, they would have already left.

Warp that family into today and you will find that staying connected in Cabo is a completely different story. For many vacationers, wireless Internet is just as necessary in their room as a shower and bottled water.

Shoot them a text or e-mail; blow up their cell – the ways to stay in contact in Cabo San Lucas are endless.

    • Traveling with a laptop in Cabo is a must for those who need to keep in contact with those important work and family members.

      In most Cabo hotels, wireless Internet can be found in each room and in the lobby.
      Sending a twit pic, is no problem. Just snap it with your iPhone or Crackberry, upload it, and voila! Your work buddies will instantly be jealous.


    • Cell phones work just as well in Cabo as they would in the U.S. of A. Placing a call, sending a text, composing e-mail; it doesn’t change.

      It is best to use your cell phone in Cabo as little as possible. Using your cell as much as you would in Texas will result in a major monster: the cell phone bill. Texting and calling can be expensive if you do not have the right plan.

      To alleviate migraines and sudden fits of rage post-trip, make sure you get in contact with your service provider at least a week in advance to change your plan to international for your trip.


  • Staying on top of current events is not hard in Cabo.

    Most hotels and villas carry American newspapers, like The New York Times and USA Today.

    Many of the television sets in the hotel rooms also cover many American channels like FOX and CNN.

    But for all the technological vacationers, the easiest way to get their news is a click away on their laptops.

Staying connected in Cabo is just a mouse click, phone call or text away, if done properly. So make sure to prepare for your trip ahead of time to make sure you won’t have any worries on the beach.

Bury your feet in the sand, order a margarita, and show your family and friends just how amazing the view is with a twit pic or updated Facebook status. We’re sure the view looks great from there.

All of us at All About Mexico are curious, how do you stay connected in Mexico? Please share your comments below!

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