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fitness tips from a cabo personal trainer

Martin is a personal trainer in Cabo.

If you are visiting Cabo in the near future there are many opportunities to keep working out and stay fit while you are here.

Many out of shape visitors use Cabo to get started getting in shape because there are so many outdoor activities you can do in the Cabo area.

You can improve your health at the same time as your visit. 

Here are some ideas for working out in Cabo:

Visit the Gym

During the last year Cabo has been blessed with a lot of new gyms in the area, with different price ranges. If you want something extra, these gyms offer more equipment, classes and expertise compared to the gym at your hotel.

Worth mentioning here is the new Cabo Fitness Club gym that started just outside Cabo last gym and just opened another one in San Jose Del Cabo in January. Now you have the opportunity to work out both in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. They offer membership with top modern equipment for the muscle building, strengthening and aerobic classes.

Work Out on the Beach

But do not limit you fitness workout only to be in the gym, as there are so many nice possibilities in Cabo to perform a great workout outside, especially when it come to doing cardio.

Why not do the “Medano Beach walk” – all the way from Marina out to the rocks and back again? It will take you between 1 hour and 30 minutes and 2 hours and when you finish, you will have burned at least 600 calories.

It is a nice opportunity to become one with nature and you will always find some exciting things on the beach from the ocean. 

SUP is a great way to stay fit in Cabo.

Try Stand Up Paddling

In San Jose del Cabo, surf paddling is a great new opportunity. Here you can rent a surfboard and try surf paddling (also known as Stand Up Paddiing or SUP).

If you are new to this, there will an instructor available and your first task could be make it on the surfboard to the new Marina San Jose and back again.

Surf Paddling is great cardiovascular training that will burn a good amount of calories and at the same time give you are good core work out you really can feel afterwards. 

You will also improve your balance so you can prepare yourself for surfing, another good cardio workout you can do while you are in Cabo. 

What is your favorite fitness activity in Cabo?

Cabo Trainer

Martin Christensen is a personal fitness trainer based in Cabo where he helps people losing weight, build muscle and improve an overall fitness level. Martin also runs a special golf fitness program for the many golfers in the area that helps them improve their flexibility and swing. More information on working out with Martin can be found at http://www.Cabotrainer.com

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