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how to make mojitos

Mojitos from Nikki Beach Cabo

One of the things that surprised me about Cabo San Lucas was the love of the Mojito.

From Raspberry Mojitos to Mango Mojitos, restaurants and bars bragged about their versions of the minty cocktail. So naturally – I had to try them. 

I tasted coconut mojitos, pineapple mojitos, cumcumber mojitos. I sipped on Mojitos made with rum and Mojitos made with Mexican tequila. All of them were delicious.

While summer might be ending (no! never!), there’s still plenty of time (all year!) to try some of these refreshing flavored Mojitos.

I’ve gathered a Cocunut recipe from Nikki Beach and a Pineapple one from the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica for your refreshment this Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!

Coconut Mojito from Nikki Beach

5 slices of lime
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
10 mint leaves
1 and half onces of white rum
2 ounces of coconut cream.

 Muddle these ingredients in a tall glass and fill the glass with ice. Add white rum and coconut cream. Using a shaker, mix the ingredients and with mineral water to fill the glass.

Pineapple Mojito from Pueblo Bonito Pacifica        

2oz. Tequila Reposado (100%blue agave)              
3oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice              
1oz. Fresh Lime Juice              
15   Mint Leaves              
Diced Fresh Pineapple              
1  TeaSpoon of Brown Sugar        

Place mint leaves, brown sugar and the lime juice in a glass and muddle. Fill the glass with ice, add the diced pineapple and tequila and stir well.  Garnish with pineapple and mint leaves

What will be your Labor Day Weekend drink of choice?

By: Cara Gourley

About the Author: Cara Gourley
Cara Gourley

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