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is cabo scary

With all this talk of fear of traveling to Mexico, we started to think – How scary is Cabo after all?

Vampires hate the sun and live in rainy dismal places.  Cabo is sunny almost all the time with only 7 days of rain a year. Most of Mexico is very Catholic meaning Cabo is full of crosses – making for that extra protection.

Cabo is no place for vampires

Freddy Krueger can only hurt you in your dreams. No problemo – Cabo has some of the best clubs and bars to keep you up while you party the night away. And you wouldn’t see him while you are out and about enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Krueger Cabo

Frankenstein is totally not coordinated. Have you seen him walk? There’s no way he could participate in Cabo’s super fun activities such as swimming, zip lining, fishing or playing golf.

Cabo is not scary

The Loch Ness Monster lives in cold waters of Scotland. I doubt she will visit Cabo because it is surrounded with only temperate water. No Nessie sightings here; so you can feel safe swimming in the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

Loch Ness in Cabo

The Abominable Snow Man likes ice and snow covered terrain to leave really big foot prints in. Cabo is known as the place where the desert meets the ocean. He would get WAY hot with all that fur. Besides, sand would be sure to stick to his furry feet.

Snow monster

Do you know of any other fierce characters that would not dare to frequent Cabo?

Illustrations by Kyle Fewell

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