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shopping for souvenirs in cabo

Souvenir Shopping in Los Cabos

On my last trip to Cabo, I was determined to bring my boyfriend back a small souvenir. He’s quite upset that I haven’t been packing him in my suitcase and bringing him with me. Into Cabos’ souvenir shops I headed. 

Before I knew it, I had dragged my poor co-worker to every variation of a souvenir store in Cabo – markets, tourist spots, duty-free shops, you name it. Of course I had my camera handy!  From t-shirts to bottles of tequila, there were plenty of colorful gifts in the stores.  

My boyfriend ended up with a t-shirt with a marlin on it, but I got lots of fun photos. 

Here’s some photos of the more popular souvenirs in Los Cabos. Happy Shopping in Cabo. . 

Chocolate Candies in Los Cabos Mexico

You’ll find a lot of chocolates filled with liqueurs like Kahlua or Baileys while browsing the stores in Cabo. Make sure you are purchasing them in an air-conditioned store – they melt!

Trinkets like boxes are popular in Cabo

Small trinkets like boxes are found throughout Los Cabos.  You can also find shot glasses  ($2 -$4 USD), wine and drinking glasses ($5 -$10) and other small gifts. 

Coffee for sale in Los Cabos

Bags of coffee are usually available for purchase in Cabo souvenir stores. You can even get bags that say “Cabo San Lucas” on them. Coffee in the stores or markets is usually around $6 or $7 a bag. 

Bags or other luggage can be bought in Cabo.

If you forgot a beach bag or just need extra space to bring home your other souvenirs, you can find a wide selection of “Cabo San Lucas” tote bags.  Bags usually cost $10 – $15 USD. If you are in the market, you might be able to negotiate a lower price. 

Photo frames for sale in Los Cabos.

Picture frames and even photo albums are for sale. You can get one or two to store your Los Cabos memories. 

Maracas and t-shirts are good things to bring home from Cabo.

Maracas and t-shirts are also popular in Los Cabos. Maracas range from about $1 – $3 USD, while t-shirts range from about $5 – $20. You can also find sweatshirts and other clothing in the stores. 

Hot Sauce and Salsa are other good things to take home from Cabo.

Hot sauce is a staple in souvenir stores in Los Cabos. From packages of many bottles to just creative “Cabo San Lucas” packages, you’ll find a good selection of hot sauce in Cabo. 

Damiana in Los Cabos

Damiana is supposedly an aphrodisiac. You can find bottles of this liqueur in the stores for about $4. 

Turtle oil in Los Cabos Mexico

While real turtle oil is illegal (it involves unethical treatment of the turtles), imitation turtle oil can be found in lots of the tourist stores. Supposedly, turtle oil helps  moisten your skin, protect from windburn and most importantly, improve your tan. 


Ah, Tequila! From large bottles of Cabo Wabo tequila to small souvenir bottles wearing sombreros, you can find a good gift regardless of your budget. There are also packages of small tequila bottles with shot glasses, tequila in a bottle shaped like Land’s End and tequilas in beautiful bottles like Clase Azul. Bring a little of the party home!

What did you bring home from Cabo?

About the Author: Cara Gourley
Cara Gourley

Cara Gourley is the Director of Web Strategy for All About Mexico as well as an All About Girl. She’s a certified Los Cabos Expert and has been to Cabo many times.

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