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tropic of cancer

The tropic of Cancer is just a few miles north of San Jose del Cabo

On a recent trip to Santiago, my friend pulled his car over the side of the road. We followed, having no idea what he was up to. We got out and asked him. 

“The Topic of Cancer!” he exclaimed.

On the way back we realized we’d missed all of the signs that said “Tropico de Cancer.” Trust me, if you will see if them if you are paying attention.

The Tropic of Cancer is the most northern spot that the sun travels directly above. The Tropic of Capricorn is its southern sibling. The equator lies between the two.  

The exact distance changes year to year, but the Tropic of Cancer is just north of the 23rd parallel. The exact coordinates in Baja California sur are “23°26′N 110°15′W.”

This ball marks the Tropic of Cancer. You can get there from Cabo by driving up the road to La Paz. You’ll find the Tropic of Cancer to be about 45 minutes north. The drive is about 30 miles from San Jose del Cabo, just before you just to Santiago. 

There’s also a small chapel/altar dedicated to Mary that you can look at (or be extra touristy and take pictures in front of like we did)

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