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what to do if arrested in cabo

Things to know about being arrested in Cabo:

  • Alcohol is involved in most foreign arrest cases in Cabo
  • All individuals age 16 or older will be tried as an adult
  • Carrying a pocket knife can result in a weapons charge
  • You can be arrested for jaywalking or spitting in public
  • You can be held for 72 hours without charges if arrested in Mexico
  • Bail is usually only offered to Mexican citizens, not tourists
  • You are NOT innocent until proven guilty in Mexico

 What to do if you are arrested in Cabo:

  • Contact your consular representative. You will be given this option as soon as you are arrested.
  • You will be briefly informed of Mexican law and how to contact an attorney
  • Contact relatives or your travel party to inform them of your situation. If at all possible, have them bring you money and food because Mexican jails generally provide minimal necessities
  • If you are not fluent in Spanish, try to get a hold of a Spanish dictionary so you can communicate with inmates and guards
  • DO NOT sign anything that you do not completely understand. It could result in prolonged incarceration.

Remember that Mexico’s legal system is different from the United States’. Do not assume anything about their laws or legal process.

If you or someone in your party is arrested, contact the Cabo San Lucas Consular Agency immediately.

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