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which resorts in cabo are adults only

Adults Only Hotel in Cabo - Pueblo Bonito Pacifica
Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa

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My husband and I are interested in hotels that are adults only. Do you have a list of those?  

We’d prefer to be on the beach.

– Jen Thompson


All About Cabo Answer

Hi Jen – 

You have to be careful using the word “adults only” as many people attach connotations to it that are incorrect. There is a big difference between “adults only” and “clothing/topless optional” or “couples only,” even though all “clothing optional” and “couples only” resorts are “adults only.” Most adults only resorts simply mean that children are discouraged and that there is an age limit to stay at the resort. 

Below are the adults only resorts in Cabo. Please note the age limits and whether or not they are clothing optional (there are no “couples only” resorts in Cabo). We’ve also noted whether or not they are all inclusive as well as beachfront locations. 

*Esperanza – Age Limit: 16, Beach front, 

Hotel Casa Natalia – Age Limit: 13

Pueblo Bonito PacificaAll inclusive, Age Limit: 18, Beachfront, 

**Temptation Resort – Topless Optional, All inclusive, Age Limit: 21, Beachfront 

*Esperanza is adults only, but their villas accommodate children. 

**Temptation used to be named Desire. 

We hope this helps you and your husband. Please share photos of your vacation! Thanks!

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