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legal requirements


In order to get legally married in Cabo San Lucas, there are few things you will need to do before the wedding.

If you are legally married in Cabo San Lucas, your marriage will be valid worldwide. 

Most resorts, villa companies and wedding planners in Cabo will assist you through the process of getting your marriage

Often, couples are legally married in their hometown and have a symbolic wedding in Cabo San Lucas.

However, don’t allow the list of requirements to scare you as many couples get married in Los Cabos with no problems.

Quick Facts about Getting Married in Cabo

* Civil ceremonies aren’t done on Sundays or Mexican Holidays.

* Tourist visa cards are required for the groom, bride and witnesses.

* Catholic and Jewish wedding ceremonies require additional info. 

* Symbolic and religious ceremonies don’t require official documentation or blood tests.

* Bride, groom and witnesses must be over the age of 18.

Civil Ceremonies vs Religious/Symbolic Ceremonies

Civil Ceremony:

A civil ceremony officially changes you from “single” to “married.” It is recognized worldwide as a legal marriage. It requires documentation and you to spend more time in Cabo San Lucas. The vows are done in Spanish (with or without a translator) and the ceremony lasts approximately 10 -20 minutes. A civil ceremony in Cabo San Lucas is similar to a ceremony by the Justice of the Peace in the United States or Canada.

Religious or Symbolic Ceremony:

Also called a Non-Demoninational Ceremony. A religious or symbolic ceremony is not legally valid and does not change your martial status. You may alter your vows and/or include anything special such as readings, poems, songs, etc. This type of ceremony is the typical U.S. wedding. You can have a civil ceremony in your hometown and then have a religious or symbolic ceremony in Cabo San Lucas.

Getting a Wedding License in Cabo San Lucas

Before getting married in Cabo, you will need a wedding license.

In order to get your wedding license, you will need to complete marriage application forms at a local registry office in Cabo. The cost for the paper work and the blood tests is about $400.

Additional fees and paperwork will be needed if you are marrying a Mexican native.

You will need:

  • Both of your birth certificates (original and Apostilled copies) translated into Spanish by an authorized translator
  • Tourist cards or visas
  • Valid passports – original and copies
  • Names, addresses, nationalities, occupations and ages of both parents
  • Health certificate and blood tests done in Mexico
  • Four witnesses:  two for the bride and two for the groom
  • Witnesses need valid passports – original and copies
  • If widowed, you will need a Death Certificate (original and Apostilled) translated into Spanish by an authorized translator.
  • If divorced, you will need a copy of your final divorce decree (original and Apostilled copy) translated into Spanish by an authorized translator. You must be divorced for over 1 year. 
  • If the bride or groom are adopted, adoption papers are required. 


After getting married in Cabo, make sure to get your marriage certificate legalized in Mexico so that it is accepted as a valid document worldwide.

You will need to obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate (Acta de Matrimonio). Your certificate will be in Spanish.

Blood Tests in Cabo San Lucas

Your blood tests must be taken in Mexico prior to the wedding ceremony. Bride and groom are tested for V.D.R.L., HIV, and Rh factor.

You both must get your blood work done a minimum of 3 to 4 days before getting married in Cabo. The results are valid for 15 days.

Getting Married in Cabo San Lucas

The civil ceremony in Cabo San Lucas can be performed in the Local Registry Office Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. You cannot get married in Cabo on Saturdays, Sundays or on Mexican Holidays (including Easter Week). The cost for a civil wedding ceremony is about $350.

Or the civil ceremony may be be performed at a location of your choice for an additional fee. See our list of Cabo San Lucas wedding ceremony locations.

An interpretor for a wedding is around $100. Alternately, you can use wedding planner or a friend.

With this ring I thee wed; groom placing ring on bride’s hand.

Other Things to Know about Getting Married in Cabo San Lucas

Most hotels require bride, groom and witnesses must be in Mexico at least 3 business days before the wedding, not including Saturdays, Sundays, or Mexican holidays.

The entire cost for the wedding license, blood work and civil ceremony will be about $800.

Catholic and Jewish Wedding Ceremonies in Cabo

Jewish Wedding Ceremonies in Cabo

There are no Jewish Synagogues in Cabo San Lucas. If you want a Jewish ceremony, you must fly your own rabbi to Los Cabos.

Catholic Wedding Ceremonies in Cabo

Catholic church weddings require additional paperwork from your church at home.

The Catholic religion only allows marriages to be performed in a Church. For more information on Catholic churches in Los Cabos, visit our list of wedding ceremony locations.

Age Requirements

If you are under the age of 18, you cannot not get married in Cabo without parental consent. With parental consent, boys must be at least 16 years old and girls must be at least 14 years old.