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planners and coordinators


When considering a wedding planner it is important to know that there are different types of planners to choose from.

Your Cabo destination wedding will be one of the most important events of your life.

Having the right type of wedding planner can make sure your special event will be a success.

Hotel and Resort Wedding Planners in Cabo

If you book a hotel or resort they may include a staff planner to handle your arrangements. Some resorts included them in your wedding package while others charge a fee for your Cabo resort wedding planner

Local Cabo San Lucas Wedding Planners

There are many Cabo wedding planner companies that specialize in Cabo destination weddings. These wedding planners coordinate and organize events in the city they live in.

The benefit to using a Cabo wedding planner instead of a coordinator back home is that they have hands on local knowledge of the Cabo San Lucas area.

Wedding Planners in Cabo


  • Karla Casillas (480) 882-0931
  • Allure Event Design (624)144-3995
  • Baja Weddings (624) 105-9391
  • Bridal Dreams (624) 157-1020
  • For You, I Do by Beth Dalton (624) 358-9027 312 929 8779
  • Infinity Weddings (624) 143-7516
  • Signature Weddings (624) 142-1248
  • Sunset Weddings (858) 427-0658


Villa Companies with Wedding Planning Services

Most villa rental companies provide Cabo wedding consultation. They can help you arrange a beautiful wedding at one of their villas or even guide you in planning a wedding at an all inclusive resort or other Cabo hotel.

  • Cabo San Lucas Villas (Seavillas)
  • Cabo Villas (Cabo Weddings)

Bringing Your Own Wedding Planner to Cabo San Lucas

You can choose a wedding planner from your home city or country. These companies book and coordinate weddings all over the world not just in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.