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wedding cakes

Cabo San Lucas wedding cakes are just as elaborate and delicious as those in the States.

Just like a wedding dress, a wedding cake is a personal decision, and there are several well known Cabo San Lucas wedding cake designers that can craft you the cake of your dreams.

Weddings at Cabo hotels and resorts often require use of their catering services which includes the wedding cake.

Many times your wedding cake will be part of a wedding package — especially if you are staying at an all inclusive resort in Cabo.


Make sure to ask ahead if you are allowed to bring in your own wedding cake.

If you are using a wedding planner, they will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect wedding cake vendor.

Cabo Wedding Cake Prices

a wedding cake lit a little hot (bright) from the side and topped with reddish orange flowers. There are candles in the foreground that are out of focus, with the focus on the cake and flowers. There is a dark background that would be easily seperated from the cake if needed.

The average wedding cake in Cabo San Lucas costs about $5 -8 dollars per person.

For example, if you are having 45 people at your wedding, the wedding cake will end up costing around $225 – $360.

Multiple tiers or elaborate decorations can add to the price of your Cabo San Lucas wedding cake.

In addition to the cost of the actual wedding cake, there is also a delivery charge.

Depending on the location of your wedding in Los Cabos, but the average delivery charge for a wedding cake in Cabo is about $50 -$75. 

Cabo San Lucas Wedding Cake Tastings

If you are able to get to Cabo before the wedding, most cake designers or bakeries will let you come for a tasting. You’ll be able to taste samples of the cake flavors the designer makes (chocolate, strawberry vanilla, etc).

This will help you decide what flavor you want your Cabo wedding cake to be.

Your wedding planner can usually help you arrange a wedding cake tasting. If you are not using a wedding planner, it is best to set up the tasting with the wedding cake designer directly.

Alternate Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes decorated with yellow sugar roses

Many brides having destination weddings in Cabo have multiple small cakes or cupcakes instead of the traditional one large wedding cake.

As Cabo San Lucas can get very hot, most brides do not have ice cream cakes or other cakes made of ingredients that will melt.

Cabo San Lucas Grooms Cakes

Many of the wedding cake designers in Los Cabos are also able to create elaborate and fun grooms cakes.

Ask your wedding cake designer if they have some designs you can choose from or you can work with them to create your own.

Cabo Wedding Cake Designers

These San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas wedding cake designers can help design you the perfect dream wedding cake. They specialize in creative wedding cake design.

  • Cabo Flowers and Cakes (624) 105-1451
  • The Dessert Diva – Jennifer Hutton – (604) 628-2292
  • Sweet Dreams Cabo – Deena – CDA/USA: 604.800.7454, Cabo Tel: (624) 142.6318, or Cabo Cell: 624.1.54321.6

Cabo Bakeries with Wedding Cakes

These bakeries are able to provide wedding cakes as well as other delicious deserts.

  • Senor Sweets (624) 105-0102
  • French Riviera Bisto and Bakery (624) 142-3350 *

*Wedding cake company is located in San Jose del Cabo