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jet skiing

Imagine crashing through the warm water of the Sea of Cortés. Sound nice? Jet skiing in Cabo can be a very rewarding experience. A half hour wave runner rental in Cabo will cost on average about $40-$50. An hour rental is about $75. Most rentals of jet skis include the life jacket. Also, full and half day rentals can be arranged.

Most resorts offer the jet ski rentals. Also, Medano Beach has While Jet Skis are not allowed around the Land’s End and El Arco, they are still a fun way to enjoy the scenic beaches that Cabo offers. Another way to enjoy jet-skiing in Cabo is to take a jet-ski tour. A lot of companies offer jet-ski/snorkeling combinations for prices around $150-$200. On the these tours you will drive your own jet ski and have a tour guide that gives instruction and information about the coastline.