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All the “major” bars in Cabo are located downtown, within a few blocks of each other along the same street. This makes bar hopping incredibly simple. These bars have become synonymous with a good time in Cabo for many of its visitors.

Many of them play a variety of American music, so it’s likely that you will hear plenty of old and new favorites on a night out in Cabo. There are also plenty of taxi’s that patrol the area, so that you can get home safely!

Varieties of Bars in Cabo’s Nightlife Scene

There are a few different types of bars that you will find while looking for your ideal Cabo nightlife spot. There are a few “spring break” type bars, like Squid Roe and Happy Endings Cantina. Squid Roe has 3 tiers, plenty of bars, and is crowded on even the slowest of nights. Happy Endings Cantina has a few beer pong tables, as well as great drink specials that help you save money on your night out.

Next, there are two “club” type bars in downtown Cabo, Pink Kitty and Mandala. They are located within a block of each other, feature large dance floors and plenty of seating, tables, and areas for bottle service.

Cabo also has plenty of smaller bars that don’t serve food, and lack the overall floor space of some of their crazier counterparts. However, for what they lack in dining options and square footage, they make up for with originality and specialty drinks. Bars like the Nowhere Bar, Cabo Blue, Elbow Room, Jungle bar, and Rip’s would fall into this category.

Alternative Cabo Nightlife Options

If bars are not your thing, there are a few other options for nightlife activities. There are a few restaurants, especially around the marina, that are open late night for dinner or deserts. There is also a hookah lounge, called Fumari, for those who enjoy hanging out while smoking flavored tobacco.

A few of the bars and restaurants also feature live music and shows. You will generally be able to find some kind of live band playing on the weekend in Cabo Wabo, as well as some entertaining shows going on at the Giggling Marlin.


beach parties to club parties, Cabo San Lucas’ nightlife is guaranteed to be
hot. Below are some of Cabo’s popular nightlife spots in list form:


  • B Lounge: Casa Dorada’s night club on the beach
  • Cabo Wabo: In honor of Sammy Hagar’s famous Tequila this nightclub
    offers lots of late night tequila and dancing
  • Caborey Dinner Cruiser: Fine dining and entertainment in
    Caberet style
  • Giggling Marlin: Great food and good shows with lots of
    audience involvement
  • Hard Rock Café: An American favorite and always a guaranteed
    a good time, this Cabo San Lucas night life spot is known for a younger
  • Mango Deck: A good starting off point for the night. Known
    for killer margaritas and perfect people watching
  • Nowhere Bar: Where the young locals and visitors meet. One
    of the most popular bars located in Plaza Bonita overlooking the marina
  • Passion Club: The ME Cabo’s upscale nightclub.
  • Squid Roe: Most famous bar in Cabo San Lucas. Offers a full bar and plenty of room for dancing
  • The Office: Most popular for beach parties during the day
    filled with contests, shows and full service restaurant