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Dreaming of catching a billfish with a rod? In fact, catching marlin with a fly is becoming more and more popular.

In Cabo, fly fishing makes it possible catch a billfish on the fly, or enjoy bottom fishing for grouper, snapper, tarpon, sole, and more.

What is Fly Fishing?

The difference is the angling method. With fly fishing, an artificial fly is cast by using a fly rod, reel, and a relatively heavier plastic coated line. Casting the nearly weightless fly or ‘lure’ requires a special casting technique and an especially light rod.

Fly fishing generally is thought of “casting the line” instead of “casting the bait.” The weight of the line carries the hook through the air as opposed to spin or bait fishing where the weight of the lure or sinker gives the distance.

Types of Fly Fishing in Cabo

Surf Fishing: It’s possible to catch many fish off of the beaches in and around Cabo. It’s best during the months of January, Febrauary and March. Common catches include roosterfish, jack crevalle, ladyfish, pompano and more. The Corridor, East Cape and Cabo Pulmo are great places for beach fly fishing.

Inshore Fly Fishing: Inshore fishing in the Los Cabos area usually focuses on jack crevalle, roosterfish, pargo, sierra mackerel and more. You can usually catch around 6-8 fish in a day. Rooster fish are perhaps the most commonly sought after inshore fish. If you are looking to stay close to shore in shallow waters, your best best is probably a smaller boat.

Offshore Fly Fishing: If you are looking for the sailfish or marlin, off shore is definitely the way to go.Big game fish like yellowfin tuna, dorado and billfish are likely to be caught off shore in the deeper waters of Los Cabos. Make sure that you rent a boat that is outfitted for fly fishing as most charters in Cabo are luxury sportfishers.

Cabo Fly Fishing Charters

Pangas: Pangas are a popular option for people to looking to go fly fishing or simply an alternative from the luxury yacht charters. These 20 ft beach launced boats are perfect for inshore fishing. You can find Pangas along the Corridor and near the Puerto Los Cabos Marina. You can hire one of these pangas for around $175 a day.

Sportcruisers and other boats: Sportcruisers are another option if you want to go fly fishing in Cabo. Some fishing charter companies have boats equipped for only light tackle and fly fishing. Many have all the necessary gear, tackle, and of course an expert captain whose specialty is fly fishing. However, you might want to call ahead and make sure that the boat you are renting has fly fishing equipment just to be sure. A fly fishing charter usually costs about $550 -$600 for 8 hours.

Guided Fly Fishing Tours

If you are looking for someone to take you to the best fly fishing spots, you can find guide to take you for around $250 per angler.

Fly Fishing Regulations in Cabo

Mexican regulations only five specimen of a kind can be kept when fly fishing.

A fishing license is $13. If you are fishing from any type of boat or flotation device, you will need one.

If you are surf fishing from the beach, fishing from the rocks, or fishing from a pier you do NOT need a license.

Fly Fishing Tackle and other Equipment

Your best bet is to bring your equipment with you. While there is a large selection of equipment, you cannot count on finding something very specific.  Most airlines allow fishing gear to be brought on as oversized luggage.

However, if you need to pick something up in Cabo, Minerva’s Baja Tackle in downtown Cabo San Lucas has reels, rods and a selection of artificial lures. It also has a variety of other things you might need for surf fishing or just fishing in general.

Jansen’s Inshore Tackle specializes in fly fishing tackle. They are located by the Hotel Mar de Cortez in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

There are a few other bait and tackle places in Cabo.

Cabo Fishing Companies with Fly Fishing Options

  • Baja Anglers
  • Cabo Fishing
  • Fiesta Sportfishing
  • Picante Sportfishing