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east cape

The East Cape comprises the eastern side of the Baja peninsula from Punta Pescadero south to the eastern edge of the new marina in San Jose del Cabo. This includes areas such as Cabo Pulmo, Los Barriles, Buena Vista, La Ribera and more. The East Cape weather is very similar to Los Cabos.

This area is well known for fishing and diving. In fact the Bisbee’s has an East Cape Fishing Tournament held annually.

East Cape Baja Map

  • Cabo Pulmo:  The village of Cabo Pulmo is like taking a step back in time. The population is small, but very friendly. There are plenty of places stay from hotels to small vacation rentals. The Cabo Pulmo national Marine Park is near by and is home to one of the only living coral reefs in the Eastern Hemisphere. You may often see a whale shark!
  • Los Barriles:
  • Bueno Vista:
  • La Ribera:

Things to Do in the East Cape

Most of the things to do in the East Cape revolve around nature. From snorkeling to fishing, you can find plenty of water activities.

East Cape Fishing

The Bisbee’s East Cape is held in October.

East Cape Snorkeling and Diving

Cabo Pulmo is famous for its diving spots.

East Cape Resorts and Hotels

You can find plenty of hotels, small resorts and other lodging in the East Cape.

East Cape Real Estate

The natural environment of the East Cape makes it very desirable for those who want to get away from it all. Many people from the United States and Canada have second homes in the East Cape. Bungalows, small houses and even the occasional luxury villa can be found in the East Cape.