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10 ways you know youre in cabo

El Arco in Cabo San Lucas

At All About Cabo we asked our fans on our Facebook Page to help us come up with some of the ways you know you are in Cabo. And here they are:

I know I am in Cabo when …

  1. There’s a fishing rod in your hand and a Striped Marlin is tail walking at the end of your line!Jonathan Bahr
  2. I’m on my balcony listening to the ocean crashing in the surf…ahhhhJoyce DeLello Carrig
  3. I’m in the Sky Pool at the top of the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach resort and around me is an amazing 360 degree view of the entire Baja coastal peninsula. Nothing else compares to that.Madonna Welsh Saxton
  4. The sea and sky blend together and it looks incredible.Claudia Wendland
  5. When everyone is smiling – locals and tourists alike! Actually that’s just everywhere in MexicoTannas Walsh
  6. I am finally relaxed Jean White
  7. My plane lands and there are palm trees all around me and the sun’s warmth on my face – Karen Fountain

  8. You look up and down the beach at Viva San Jose and there are only 5 other people there – the beach is mine!Penny Moon Stangroom
  9. In your hand you find a frozen tropical cocktail – umbrella included!Heather Gagne

  10. What’s your reason?

Can you think of anything missing from this list? You can join the conversation below or at our Facebook Page.

By: Cara Gourley and Aleasha Stephens – with a special thanks to our fans.

About the Author: Cara Gourley
Cara Gourley

Cara Gourley is the Director of Web Strategy for All About Mexico as well as an All About Girl. She’s a certified Los Cabos Expert and has been to Cabo many times.

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