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5 ways to save money on your cabo wedding

Cabo wedding

If you’re looking to plan a destination wedding, it’s definitely a good idea to consider a Cabo wedding.  Not only is Cabo an extremely romantic destination, but it’s also a great place to throw an affordable destination wedding that will still feel luxurious.

  It may be hard to plan your wedding remotely, but keeping your eye on the goal will ensure that your event remains within your budget and turns out exactly as you’d planned. 

Here are five ways to throw a romantic Cabo wedding without breaking the bank:

    1. Plan a beachfront wedding.  Cabo boasts endless picturesque beaches that will make a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding.  Shave an hour off the cost of renting a wedding venue by having your ceremony performed at the beach.  Choose between a romantic sunset ceremony that will create magical images with artistic lighting and a morning ceremony that will allow participants to bask in the beautiful weather.  Just make sure that you choose a location that is accessible for your guests and has bathrooms nearby so that the day isn’t stressful for you or your guests. 


    1. Plan the reception in your hotel.  Not only will throwing your Cabo wedding reception in your hotel allow you to negotiate a better price, but it will save both you and your guests money on traveling to a different location.


    1. Hire a DJ.  Even though you’ll be in Mexico, there’s no reason why you need to shell out big bucks for a 9 piece Mariachi band.  Chances are that your guest list will be much smaller at your destination wedding than it would be if you’d thrown your wedding in your hometown, and you can capitalize on this intimate group by hiring a DJ to play your favorite songs.  Choose songs that are meaningful to you and your friends and share the dances with those closest to you and you’ll be able to create an extremely intimate moment without spending a fortune.   


    1. Hire a wedding planner.  It may sound counterintuitive, but hiring a wedding planner can be a great way to save money on your Cabo wedding.  Not only can a professional (and local) wedding planner reduce your stress, but she (or he) can help you get the best deals possible.  What’s more, a wedding planner will make all of your phone calls for you so that you can save money on your long distance bill as well by limiting your calls to the wedding planner only. 


  1. Go easy on the flowers.  The beauty of having a destination wedding is that the destination is so beautiful – and there’s no need to distract your guests from that with ostentatious flowers.  Choosing simple flower arrangements will allow the beauty of Cabo create the ambiance for your wedding while allowing you to save money on your wedding flowers.  You can save more money by ordering locally grown buds that are in season.  

Planning a destination wedding is exciting, but there’s no reason it needs to be overly expensive.  With a bit of forethought and proper financial planning you should have no problem creating the Cabo wedding of your dreams within a reasonable budget.   

Sari Holtz is the blogger for Billy.com, an online savings club that provides great deals on everything from moving companies to milk.

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