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baja national parks

For those of you who enjoy spending time in nature and are looking for a more unique experience in your Baja vacation, you might want to explore some of Mexico’s amazing National Parks. The biospheres and reserves are low tourist locations where you can have a more personal experience with Mexico’s nature and wildlife.

Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martir

This mountaintop national park is located very near the United States border. Pichacha del Diablo is the highest point on the Baja Peninsula and covered with pine trees. One of Mexico’s most prestigious observatories is located on this mountain because of its location. Within the park boundaries there is hiking and camping. However, this park experiences extreme weather changes with frequent snow in winter and temperatures upwards of 90 degrees in summer.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

The is the smallest national park in Baja and is a treasure trove of coral reefs and the only one located on the west side of North America. The water is very warm in the part of Baja and is a great place to swim, snorkel, kayak or just relax. It has a lower tourism rate than many of the reefs you will find near Cabo San Lucas so you can enjoy a more authentic Mexican beach.  The months of January through March, Cabo Pulmo is a great place to whale watch.

Bahia de Loreto National Marine Park

This extensive national park covers over more than half a million acres of prime fishing area. It is a protected area so commercial fishing is not allowed, but sport fishing is permitted. The fish in this water are various and numerous which offers you a great fishing experience, as long as you’re willing to catch and release! And if you’re interested in just watching, Bahia de Loreto is one of Mexico’s number one eco-tourism locations. You can contact the state park to hear about their many different tours and services.

Estero de San Jose del Cabo State Reserve

This estuary contains water that has run down from the mountains north of Cabo San Lucas. It has created a beautiful marshland that is perfect for observing wildlife, specifically birds. There are more than 200 species that migrate here over the summer making it a prime location for bird watchers. The beach located near the park is not ideal for swimming because of the strong tides, however, in June you can see many sea lions bathing in the sun.

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