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baja wine country

Baja Wine Country

If you’re planning an extended vacation to Cabo San Lucas, consider taking a few days away from the sand and beaches to explore the Valle de Guadeloupe, Baja Mexico’s wine country. Baja wine holds a unique experience for any wine lover because the desert climate, combined with marine currents creates a Mediterranean environment, perfect for growing grapes. The Guadeloupe Valley offers many private vineyards with charming haciendas and quaint inns, contributing to the old world atmosphere.

Begin your trip to the Guadeloupe Valley by visiting one of the small museums, Museo Comunitario del Valle de Guadeloupe or Museo Hist√≥rico Comunitario. They will give you a brief overview of the fascinating history of Baja wine making which dates back to the Spanish conquests. Spend the rest of your time exploring vineyards in the Valley. Cetto is a commercial vineyard and the largest in the Valley. It produces almost 90% of Baja’s wine which makes it worth visiting. For a quieter, more intimate experience, visit some of the smaller vineyards such as Chateau Camou which offers free tours and tastings Monday through Saturday. Monte Xaniac is a boutique vineyard and offers tours and tastings Monday through Saturday by appointment. It is considered by many to be some of the finest Baja wine.

If you’re at a vineyard and would like to taste red wine, don’t ask the waiter for vino rojo because all you will get is a funny look. Instead ask for vino tinto, which is the correct term for red wine in Mexico. When planning your trip, consider that many of the family owned vineyards are also restaurants and B&B’s so make sure to allow time to stay for dinner or the night.

By: Lauren Sims

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