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los cabos offshore fishing tournament results

Fishing tournament

 The 12th annual Bisbee Los Cabos Off Shore Fishing Tournament was held this weekend. 59 boats competed in the competition for $248,120 in cash awards.

marlin bisbee

Barnes Cooper from the Incognito topped the scales with his 540 pound blue marlin.  Anthony Hsieh from Bad Company and Rich Hamilton from Bandit followed up with 490 pound and 470 pound black marlins respectively.

Tuna at the Bisbee

Aaron Riggins from the Missing Lenk pulled in the top Yellowfish Tuna weighing in at 161.8 pounds. 

During the competition 50 billfish were released; 14 blue marlin, 28 striped marlin and 8 sailfish.

This was the second part of the Bisbee off shore fishing competitions. The first was held in August and the third and final -The Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament – will begin October 20th. 

Los Cabos Off Shore Fishing Tournament Results

Top Marlin

Incognito— Barnes Cooper— 540 lb. blue marlin ($19,328.40)

Bad Company— Anthony Hsieh— 490 lb. black marlin ($6,690.60)

Bandit— Rich Hamilton— 470 lb. black marlin ($3,717.00)

Top Dorado

No Qualifying Dorado were Weighed

Top Yellowfin Tuna

Missing Lenk— Aaron Riggins— 161.8 lbs. ($19,824.00)

Top Release Teams

Tenacious— 700 points/2 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin (on time)

Ez-Duz-It— 700 points/2 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin (on time)

Bull Rider— 700 points/2 blue marlin, 1 sailfish

Jackpot Winners Day 1

Marlin: Bad Company— $76,330.00 (490.0 lbs. / Anthony Hsieh)

Tuna: Muchacho Alegre— $22,950.00 (155.0 lbs. / Jesus Franco)

Jackpot Winners Day 2

Marlin: Bandit— $76,330.00 (470.0 lbs. / Rich Hamilton)

Tuna: Missing Lenk— $22,950.00 (161.8 lbs. / Aaron Riggins)

Photos and Stats from Bisbees.com

By: Cara Gourley


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