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los cabos spa resorts

Stay in a Los Cabos Spa Resort for a top notch relaxing experience.
The Cabo Spa at Esperanza, An Auberge resort.

A lof of times when I stay at a hotel, it seems that the spa is an after thought – almost as if someone realized at the last minute that their hotel wasn’t complete without the spa.  And then there’s a place to perhaps have your hair blown out, your nails painted and one or two massage rooms.

The resorts in Los Cabos have taken a different approach. Which is perhaps why most of them have “Resort & Spa” at the end of their name instead of just hotel or resort. They are proud of their spas.  And they should be; most of them have won world accolades. Cabo’s spa resorts are consistently ranked amoung the top spas in Latin America.

It almost seems that Los Cabos spa resorts have managed to craft their hotels around their spas, creating an ambiance of relaxation and beauty mirrored by the stunning Cabo scenery.

Hotel spas at spots like the Esperanza, the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa, Las Ventanas, and the Westin Resort & Spa Los Cabos give Cabo its reputation. It’s not only their attention the ambiance (wandering the spa at Esperanza can make you feel as though you are lost in the secret garden), but their services as well. 

You can try the Temazcal at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, a pre-Hispanic therapeutic steam bath of pre-Hispanic origin complete with ritual. Or a Desert Clay Purification, intended to draw impurities out of the body, at Esperanza.

There’s a difference between traveling and vacationing and when you stay at a Los Cabos spa resort, you can enter a place where you can regenerate for your real life. (If you ever decide to go back!).

What’s your favorite spa resort in Los Cabos?

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