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movies in cabo

Has you ever watched a movie and wondered, “where did they film that?” I definitely have. 

The good news is that plenty of movies and TV shows have come down to Cabo to film. Here are some occurrences of Cabo showing up in movies.

Note: some more obvious than others. I hope you enjoy! I’ve included the movie trailers as well. 

The Heartbreak Kid (2007)

Most of the resort scenes were filmed at Esperanza and some of the beach scenes were filmed near the Palmilla. If you are looking for a movie featuring Cabo San Lucas, this is probably your best bet on seeing a lot of the scenery. 

Troy (2004)

The beach scenes in Troy were filmed on the beaches in the Corridor. This proves the magic of movies as the Cabo beach turns into ancient Troy. 

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

The scenes where Bridget is in Mexico for a soccer camp were filmed along Cabo’s Pacific beaches. You will see sweeping views of the water and beaches in the movie. 

By: Cara Gourley

About the Author: Cara Gourley
Cara Gourley

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