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Retiring in Cabo can be like dating

Figuring out where to retire is a lot like dating. So give yourself the same advice you would give your children or friends about the art of dating, and stop stressing about retirement.

Follow these easy tips and soon you will be well on your way to a happy Cabo retirement.

Enjoy the Dating Scene

Participate in activities that you and that soon to be would be doing on a daily basis as if you were already retired in Cabo. If you like golf, then play golf at one of the many semi private or public Cabo golf courses.

Cabo is all about the water and offers great boating and fishing alike. Imagine going out on your boat in the morning to catch the fish for tonight’s romantic dinner on the beach.

Joining a Private country club or beach club is a great way to meet new people; so don’t hesitate to have a local Realtor introduce you and call them to give you a tour.

Visit the local restaurants and night life. Cabo San Lucas offers a variety of dining experiences from causal to fine dining and music ranging from rap to eighties.

Date Different Types

Renting a villa is one way to experience Cabo retirement. Cabo San Lucas offers the opportunity to test drive the area you are considering by renting a villa for the week or month. This is a good idea if you really want to woo that special someone. Renting a Condo can give you the feel of ownership without a staff.

If you are getting serious, pretend you are already living in Cabo San Lucas by shopping at the local markets and stores for a feel of the real thing. Using your timeshare can allow you an inexpensive way to date Cabo San Lucas. This is a good way to do an initial meet and if you are not interested you don’t have to spend a lot of money on that first date.

Get to Know the Different Sides of the Person

Use your vacation time to date “possible” retirement spots. There are different geographic areas that make up Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas: Many call it the Aspen of Mexico. Cabo has a lot of activities as well as a diversified dining experience. This is the most expensive and “sought after” area of Cabo San Lucas where most of the tourists visit.

Corridor: The land in between Cabo and San Jose del Cabo is a “smart and reliable” choice. Most of the golf courses and resorts are located in this section of Cabo San Lucus.

San Jose del Cabo: This is a “charming” and quaint traditional Mexican town that is convenient to the airport and golf courses. A place you would love to show your mother and introduce to your friends.

Start to enjoy researching your Cabo retirement, fall in love with sunshine every day, beautiful beaches and ocean views to die for. Enjoy your time dating before you make that Cabo retirement commitment.

My advice is date a lot because once you get married it can be expensive to split. So visit often and have fun sleeping around in till you are ready to make a commitment.

By: Laurie Gourley

About the Author: Laurie Gourley
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