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things not to do in cabo

Mistakes not to make on your cabo vacation

No one wants to look through their vacation pictures and say I wish I should or would have.

It’s important to find the right balance of avoiding danger and not missing out.

When planning your Cabo vacation you want to avoid these common mistakes.

Cabo Vacation Mistake 1: Not Reading Swimming Signs

When swimming in Cabo, be careful to read all swimming signs because some of Cabos beaches are not swimmable. Cabos waters can be very dangerous with a heavy under tow.

Beach conditions are posted at most hotels, but it’s important to research a beach before jumping in. Medano Beach is the most popular swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Vacation Mistake 2: Not Packing for Cool Nights

When packing for your tropical Cabo vacation, don’t forget a sweater or light jacket. Cabo has your typical dessert weather – warm in the day and cool at night. Many people make this mistake and being cold while having a romantic dinner by the ocean can put a damper on the evening.

Cabo Vacation Mistake 3: Spending Your Whole trip in Cabo

When on your Cabo vacation don’t make the common mistake of not visiting San Jose Del Cabo. This cozy city is only 45 minutes away from Cabo and yet a total different experience.

You can go by cab, use a private transportation service,  drive your rental car or take a tour. San Jose del Cabo is a charming artistic town with great restaurants and a laid back atmosphere. Check on upcoming events because you will often be able to attend a cultural festival or traditional Mexican celebrations. Some travelers world argue that San Jose del Cabo has more charm and is on a par or better than Cabo San Lucus.

Cabo Vacation Mistake 4: Not Venturing out of that Cabo All Inclusive Resort

Not leaving your  all inclusive resort during your Cabo vacation is a mistake you don’t want to make. Many travelers think because they already paid for all their meals it’s wasteful to eat away from their all inclusive hotel. Cabo restaurants are exceptional and well worth spending the extra money. Also eating in Cabo’s restaurants is just as much an activity as a meal. Places on Medano Beach like the Mango Deck or the Office are full of fun things to do and great food.  So get out of the resort and experience the real Cabo.

Cabo Vacation Mistake 5: Charging up an Expensive Internet Bill

Many hotels charge exorbitant fees to use their computers these charges can be in excess of $15.00 an hour. So a much better idea would be to bring your own lap top as there are many places with free WiFi. I suggest you check what your hotel charges before making the decision to leave the computer behind.

Make the best of your Cabo vacation and remember most regrets are not what you did but what you didn’t do. Help the next Cabo traveler with your tip on what mistakes you made on your Cabo vacation; what’s your tip?

By: Laurie Gourley

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