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why you should swim with the dolphins in cabo

Recently my cousins and I got a chance to visit Cabo Dolphins so I thought I would share a little bit of the experience.

Cabo Dolphins has an amazing facility and an hour-long “Swim with Dolphins” program that gives you 40 minutes of face- time with a bottlenose dolphin. It’s a great activity for the whole family .

First, the trainers give you an overview of what will happen in the water and suit you up with a life jacket.

 Then, you’ll step onto the shallow platform and meet your dolphin trainer and your personal dolphin for the day. Each trainer at Cabo Dolphins is paired with one dolphin so they serve as a “parent” to the dolphin for life.

 We got to spend our 40 minutes with Mario and his dolphin Aqua. We each greeted Aqua with soft pets on her back and belly. Next, Aqua showed us some of her best tricks, like waving hello, doing a flip, speaking, and speeding around the pool as fast as she could.

We each got a turn in the water with Aqua. We danced with her. She was quite a ballerina! She gave each of us a kiss and we gave her kisses back.

Finally, Aqua was kind enough to take us for a ride around the pool. Mario instructed us to hold onto her fins and enjoy the ride.

We fed Aqua lots of fish as a reward for being so talented and we were sad to say goodbye.

It is amazing how much you can bond with a dolphin in only 40 minutes. This was one of the most intimate dolphin programs I have ever experienced. At the end, I wanted to take her home with me!

Cabo Dolphins takes amazing care of every dolphin that they have in the facility. Mario told us that a dolphin can live much longer when under the close care of their trainers than it would fending for itself in the wild. This makes for a happy group of dolphins! 

Cabo Dolphins is an incredible experience that your family will not want to miss.


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