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These are questions from our readers answered by our experts!

by Jayme Portilla on May 21, 2013

Hi, I am considering on moving to Cabo in a couple of years and am starting to research medical insurance. Can you please give me information on having medical insurance in Cabo?  How is the healthcare? Will they fly you to the US if something serious happens? Any information will be appreciated. Thank you. Dan

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american dollars in the hands

by Jayme on May 07, 2013

Hello, I am going
to be visiting Cabo over the summer and was wondering if you could please give
me some information on exchanging money in Los Cabos. Is it better to have
dollars or pesos? Whatever you can tell me will be helpful. Thank you, Susan

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by Jayme Portilla on Apr 23, 2013

we are traveling to Cabo in a few weeks with our 10 month old son, 3 year old
daughter, and 7 year old son. Can you please fill me in on what is good to know
for traveling with kids to Los Cabos? What are the car seat laws? Thanks! Vanessa

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by Jayme Portilla on Apr 16, 2013

My finance and I are going to be spending our honeymoon in Los Cabos and wanted to know some restaurants that you recommend.We would like to go to a nice restaurant one or two nights, but also want to eat whatever is local and authentic. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! – Sarah Jones

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by Jayme on Apr 01, 2013

My name is Anna and both my husband and I just bought a house in Cabo and we will be moving in a few months. I was wondering if you could tell me some helpful tips about moving. Thanks, Anna.

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by Cara Gourley on Mar 10, 2011

Hello! would like to go to Cabo in April. We don’t have a lot of cash. Do you have recommendations for nice hotel that’s inexpensive? Preferably with a pool?

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by All About Cabo on Mar 02, 2011

What is the best way to see the whales?

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by All About Cabo on Feb 17, 2011

Hi! Do any of the resorts offer a day package? We are cruising and want to spend the day at a resort. – Sherry

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