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cabo bar crawl

Several smiling dancers having fun during disco

If you’re visiting Cabo, and trying to check out as much of the city’s nightlife as possible in one night, then you probably will end up wandering aimlessly from bar to bar.

At all All About Cabo, we are here to provide you some direction with a map of the simplest, most fun, and eventful bar crawl for your Cabo trip.

Just follow the orange line from bottom to top, and you should have a great night out. In addition to the bar crawl, there are a few other choice bars around Cabo listed on the map.

All About Cabo Bar Crawl

  1. Start at Happy Endings Cantina, then leave and head North along the main road. (Happy Endings has a great special to start the night with, $5 for 2 mexican beers and 2 double shots of tequila. You can also play beer pong here.)
  2. Go to Pink Kitty. (Club like atmosphere, plays US club music)
  3. Go to Mandala. (Also a club like atmosphere)
  4. Go to Baja Junkie (Trendy bar with good music and beer pong on some nights)
  5. Go to Squid Roe to end the night. (Legendary Cabo nightlife spot. 3 stories of craziness, jello shots, Random American music from the past 2 decades. Synonamous with spring break)


Additional Information: The volcanos on the map represent nightlife hot spots, while the Fire represents the crazier/most fun (in our opinion) places around town.

Depending on the night of the week you go, not all of these places will have that many people there. It’s best to check our Cabo ladies night page first, this will give you an idea of what bars might be more crowded on any given night.