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Wedding flowers are not only beautiful and fragrant, but they leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests.

Choosing the flowers for your Cabo San Lucas wedding is made easy with a select of great local florists.

You can contact and price flowers yourself or a wedding planners can assist you in choosing the perfect Cabo florist.

If you choose a Cabo wedding package, it may include your flowers. When booking your Cabo wedding location, ask if they include table flowers and flowers for the ceremony in their fees.

You cannot bring flowers from outside of the country into Mexico.

Make sure you also ask about delivery fees for flowers in Cabo ahead of time.

List of Cabo Wedding Florists and Flower Shops

You can locate a florist that specializes in Cabo weddings and understands the flowers from that area who will create the mood you want for your special event.

Make sure to get several quotes for your Cabo San Lucas flowers to make sure you are paying the right price for your personalized taste.

  • Blossom Art Flower Boutique  (624) 104-3856
  • Del Cabo Event Design (624) 142-0044
  • Emporio Arte Floral (624) 142-3992
  • Florenta Flower Design (624) 172-0431
  • Los Cabos Flowers  (624) 105-1451
  • Mazarte Floral (624) 142- 4092
  • Rayen (San Jose del Cabo)  (624) 121-1246

You can also find flowers at Costco and some of the larger department stores.

Cabo San Lucas Wedding Bouquets

Most Cabo San Lucas wedding packages at resorts will include a bouquet of seasonal flowers. The resort will provide you with a list of options.

If you are getting your bouquet on your own or through a wedding planner, there are several different flower shops in Cabo that provide flowers for beautiful wedding bouquets.

Bouquet Costs in Cabo

  • You should estimate that a bridal bouquet in Cabo will cost around $100 – 200.  This depends on the flowers you select for the bouquet.
  • Bridesmaids or other smaller bouquets are usually around $50 -$100.
  • A grooms boutonnière in Cabo costs around $5 – $20.

Cabo San Lucas Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Again, most wedding packages at resorts include the table centerpieces.  If you are purchasing your own flower wedding centerpieces, make sure they are allowed at the resort.

A wedding planner or event designer can help you create the perfect Cabo San Lucas flower centerpieces.

Most brides send inspiration photos to Cabo florists to see if their desires are possible.

Flower centerpieces cost about $150 each. 

Other Cabo Wedding Flower Arrangements and Decorations

Whether you want to decorate the aisle with flowers on the beach or fill a private pool with floating orchids, there are plenty of flower shops and flower design experts in Los Cabos to make the dream come true.

An archway of flowers and flower petals in the aisle are popular in Cabo weddings.

Common Types of Flowers in Los Cabos

Most flowers in Cabo are shipped from Mexico City.  It is best to think of flowers that are in season and that can survive the Cabo heat. Here are some of the more common flowers in Cabo San Lucas. These are available year round.

OrchidOrchids are a great tropical flower for a Cabo San Lucas wedding. However, they can be expensive.

RosesRoses of all colors are great flowers for a Cabo wedding. Circus roses, tubular roses and

LiliesLilies and calla lilles make elegant bouquets for Cabo brides as well as stunning centerpieces. White as well as colorful lilies are popular flowers in Cabo San Lucas.

Gerberas (Gerber Daisies)Gerber daisies are great flowers for Cabo weddings. They are usually available year round and great for fun, colorful weddings.

Other flowers include: Birds of Paradise, Carnations, Hydrangeas